Not many homeowners in Washington, PA, have an active maintenance agreement. This isn’t because they don’t want yearly HVAC servicing and tune-ups, but rather because they don’t see the necessity of the agreement. If you’re deciding whether to sign up for a maintenance agreement, consider these three benefits of such agreements.

Your HVAC Has Top Priority

Most HVAC contractors are constantly busy with HVAC repairs, maintenance and replacements. When they get requests for service, they mostly attend to them in the order they receive them. Signing up for an HVAC maintenance contract early means your HVAC system will get top priority.

If you want your HVAC system to get timely, high-quality maintenance, sign a maintenance agreement with your HVAC contractor. The agreement will also act as a reminder, ensuring your HVAC system won’t miss its yearly maintenance.

Budget for Everything on Time

Financial constraints are one reason why some homeowners fail to schedule their yearly HVAC tune-ups and maintenance. However, when you sign a yearly HVAC maintenance contract, you’ll always be able to budget for the work in plenty of time.

Prolong Your HVAC’s Service Life

Timely maintenance and regular tune-ups keep the HVAC system in the recommended state of efficiency. The system will experience fewer issues with overheating, noisy operation and delayed heating, as it will operate to the manufacturer’s recommended efficiency levels. An efficiently running heating and cooling system that gets regular quality care and maintenance will likely last longer and won’t often require costly repairs.

We highly recommend regular HVAC tune-ups and yearly maintenance so that your system can last longer and provide a higher efficiency level. Contact us now at Valley Heating & Air Conditioning to sign up for an HVAC maintenance contract so that we can prioritize your system’s needs this fall.

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