Heat pumps are important HVAC pieces of equipment since they circulate warm and cool air throughout your home to improve your comfort all year. However, they are prone to issues and malfunctions in their various components that can affect their overall efficiency. Here are four common heat pump issues that may arise in Bethel Park, PA, and what you can do about them.

1. Failure to Turn On

Failure of your heat pump to turn on could have various causes. First, the thermostat may have electrical problems that prevent it from communicating with the heat pump. The unit receiving electrical power can also suffer from malfunctions that prevent your system from powering on.

The circuit breaker may trip and require resetting to supply power to the system. Electrical wires can also cause problems and result in a power failure. Contacting a professional technician to check your system will help to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

2. Insufficient Heat Production

Your heat pump may fail to heat your home efficiently, leading to cold and hot spots. This is due to blocked air ducts, clogged air filters, low thermostat settings, faulty valves or poor refrigerant flow. Hire a qualified service technician to diagnose the problems and fix them to restore comfort in your home.

3. Strange Noises

Rattling and strange noises from your heat pump are signs of loose components. The motor bearing may get worn out and produce a grinding and squealing noise. Finding a service technician to fix these problems early will save you from costly future repairs or replacements and improve the efficiency of the heat pump.

4. Failure to Cool

The amount of refrigerant in your system affects its ability to cool your home. Low levels of refrigerant will limit the efficiency of your heat pump. It is advisable to hire a qualified service technician to handle the refrigerant since it is hazardous.

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