Business owners in Bridgeville, PA, know that the cost to heat and cool their building represents the largest part of their energy expenses. Any effort you make to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system will lower your energy costs and add to your bottom line. The following methods have proven effective at increasing commercial HVAC efficiency.

1. Change Filters

The fact that new air filters will increase efficiency for your commercial HVAC system may come as no surprise to you. New filters will catch a higher percentage of the tiny dust particles that can restrict the airflow to and from your system once enough of it accumulates. Changing your filters once every three months may be enough to prevent dirty filters from becoming a problem.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to exercise complete control over your HVAC system even when no one is in the building. One example of this control is the ability to preset temperatures closer to the temperatures outside at the end of the workday. Doing so will decrease the workload on your system overnight while no employees are present.

3. Check Ductwork

Your ductwork can encounter leaks or other problems if your business resides in an older commercial building. These leaks will cause your system to work harder to compensate for the lost air. Reaching out to a professional HVAC repair company to seal leaks will prevent further energy waste.

4. Seasonal Maintenance Program

Hiring a professional to perform HVAC maintenance on your system at the start of each season will greatly increase efficiency. This maintenance program will ensure the many components that comprise your system are all in top working conditions. Regular commercial HVAC maintenance will also detect any small problems with your system before they progress to the point of causing damage.

Keeping your commercial HVAC system working as efficiently as possible will both maintain employee comfort and provide financial benefits to your business. Call Valley Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. when you have commercial HVAC repair and maintenance needs.

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