Homeowners in Canonsburg, PA, should understand that even new and sophisticated furnace systems can struggle during the coldest days of winter. The last thing you and your family need is to experience a malfunction with your furnace when you need your heating system the most. The good news is that there are measures available to ensure your furnace is ready for super cold winter days.

1. Clean and Replace Filters

Your furnace efficiency will suffer if your air filters have clogs of dirt. The general rule is that you should replace the filters in your furnace at least every two to three months. You might want to change your filters more often during extended periods of freezing weather.

2. Clear Vents

The warm air that your furnace prepares for your home will not make it to all the rooms if your vents are dirty or obstructions are blocking them. Take a moment to clean your vents and make sure nothing blocks the flow of air. This step is most important for high-performing furnaces with vents that lead outside the home.

3. Don’t Lower Temperature Settings

It is a good idea to program temperature settings that conserve energy during most parts of the year. However, you should not lower the setting on your thermostat too dramatically when no one is home during the cold of winter.

4. Don’t Crank Up Temperature Settings

Some homeowners believe that revving up their thermostat settings will quickly increase the temperature in their home. The truth is that doing this will not shorten the time your furnace needs to establish the temperature you want inside your home. It may just waste energy.

You and your family want to know that your furnace can take on the additional workload throughout the winter. Call us at Valley Heating and Air Conditioning in Canonsburg, PA, for all your furnace repair needs.

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