Keeping the air in your home clean helps keep you and your family healthy. Although Pennsylvania is ranked as 12th for having the most air pollution among the states, there are air cleaning solutions you can take to keep the air within your McMurray, PA, home cleaner.

Filters for Vacuum Cleaners

It’s important to make sure you have a high-quality filter in your vacuum. You should also change it regularly to make sure it’s not getting clogged and that particles aren’t being blown back into the air. Try to get a filter that filters out particles as small as one micron. The smaller the particles are that it can filter, the better it will be for air quality.

Air Cleaners

You could get a professional HVAC contractor to install a high-performing air cleaner in your home. Make sure that it has a low-pressure drop, or it may not work as effectively as you want. For example, Trane’s Fresh Effects Air Cleaner has one of the lowest pressure drops on the market and filters out contaminants as small as 1/10 micron.


Excessive humidity in your home can create an environment for biological growth. This growth can release spores in the air which you then inhale. This can cause allergies or other illnesses. Test the humidity level in your home and make sure it’s between 30% and 50%. If not, you may need a dehumidifier.

Keeping clean air in your home is especially important in Pennsylvania where the air quality can be low. Here at Valley Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we specialize in helping residents of McMurray and surrounding areas achieve clean air in their homes. Contact us today find out how we can help you improve the air quality within your home.

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