Maybe last winter, you noticed that your heat pump wasn’t keeping your home in Eighty Four, PA, so comfortable; you may face the same thing this summer. If the following three signs sound familiar to you, then the choice you must make between heat pump repair and replacement may become easier.

Inefficient Heating/Cooling

Heat pumps should be able to heat or cool your home within a 10- or 15-minute cycle, and there should be no more than three cycles per hour. Extremely long or short cycles signify a failing and inefficient system, and they often never result in the heat pump reaching the temperature you set.

Too-Frequent Repairs

You’ve requested many AC repairs to get the short-cycling and other problems fixed, but you still face the same problems. In that case, you definitely should buy a new system; the initial cost will be worth it when the alternative is to keep sinking money into a system that can’t do its job.

Higher Energy Bills Than Normal

Unusually high bills point to inefficient heating and cooling. Not that you can’t solve this problem, as the cause may be something unrelated to the heat pump, such as a leaking air duct, but don’t get system-related issues fixed if the cost is exorbitant and the system itself is old and worn.

To go ahead with an AC installation in Eighty Four, simply give Valley Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. a call. We’ll help you make the assessment if your money is better spent on a replacement or a repair. We provide free maintenance for one full year when customers turn to us for new installations, and we offer a wide selection of heat pumps from Trane and Mitsubishi; we’re even a Trane Comfort Specialist. Our family-owned and -operated company has a team of NATE-certified technicians who will do detailed work that’s guaranteed to satisfy you 100%.

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