Your furnace won’t last forever. This means that at a certain point, you’ll need to decide between replacing your system or extending its life with a few more repairs. Below, we’ll lay out the factors that indicate the need for a new furnace in Peters Township, PA.

How Old Is the System?

Gas and oil furnaces last about 20 years while electric furnaces may go for 20 to 30 years. Whatever type you own, recognize that if it’s reaching the end of its life expectancy, it probably won’t benefit from more repairs.

Replacement or Continual Repairs?

Cost will obviously play a role here; as expensive as replacement is, it may save you money in the long run. A professional technician could take your furnace’s age into account and follow what’s called the $5,000 rule. This involves multiplying the age by the cost of a given furnace repair and opting for the repair only if the total comes to less than $5,000.

Quality of the Performance

Efficiency decreases with age, so think about how well your furnace has been operating. Does it take longer than usual to reach your set point? Does it even reach the set point to begin with, or does it leave you with lukewarm air?

How High Are Your Bills?

Your bills shouldn’t shoot up when you’ve made no changes to your heating schedule. This would signify that the furnace is straining to deliver the same performance as before.

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