Your Peters Township, PA air conditioner depends on its air filter to keep airborne contaminants out. However, the AC filter gets dirty as it does its job, and this clogging will slowly increase your energy costs. Discover why this happens, and how often you should plan to change your AC filter.

Understanding How AC Relies on Airflow

Your air conditioner cools your home by drawing warm air in, absorbing heat from it then pushing cool air out. Additionally, your system creates air circulation by creating a pressure difference between the intake and supply vents. This pressure difference causes the air to circulate, distributing the cool air evenly throughout your home.

How Dirty Air Filters Affect Airflow

Dirty air filters inhibit the air flowing into your air conditioner, and they also reduce the air coming out. This results in longer cooling cycles, which should run between 10 and 15 minutes under normal circumstances. When the length of your cooling cycle increases, so does the energy it consumes.

More Than Longer Cooling Cycles

Restricted airflow into your AC causes more than longer cooling cycles. Rather, it also puts excessive strain on the system’s components, leading to increased energy consumption and additional AC repairs.

This strain comes from the compressor having to work harder to pressurize the refrigerant when it isn’t absorbing enough heat. Eventually, this strain may lead to the compressor burning out, which commonly results in replacing your entire air conditioner.

How Often You Need a New AC Filter

How often you need to replace your filter depends on how thick it is, the filter efficiency and environmental factors. Environmental factors include how large your home is and its air quality. Generally, the larger your home or the worse your air quality, the more frequently you’ll need a replacement.

Check your filter every month to keep an eye on how quickly it’s clogging. You may not need to replace it every month, but this builds the habit so that you don’t forget.

Don’t let your air conditioner drain your wallet by allowing airflow restrictions. Replace your AC filter regularly, and call us to schedule routine AC maintenance with the experts at Valley Heating & Air Conditioning.

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