Canonsburg, PA, residents know that temperatures can change overnight from crispy fall to blustery winter. Here are four things you can do to make sure that your furnace or boiler is ready for cold weather.

Check Your Thermostat

Many problems stem from overlooking the obvious. That’s true for your thermostat, too. Make sure that you’ve set your thermostat to heat mode. Raise the temperature, and turn on your system. If the heat doesn’t come on, call our heating system repair technicians to troubleshoot your system.

Clear Away Obstructions

A straightforward, but essential, part of furnace and boiler maintenance is clearing away anything that might obstruct airflow or damage your equipment. Add the following DIY tasks to your fall to-do list:

  • Outdoors: Rake leaves and twigs away from your condenser unit, and trim back tree limbs and shrubs.
  • Indoors: Clear items from around your furnace or boiler, make sure nothing blocks the return air vents and registers, and check to ensure that they are open. While you’re at it, vacuum and clean the vents and registers.

Inspect Your Ducts

Your ductwork might have been fine last year, but now it’s another year older. Over time, air ducts develop cracks, and connecting joints become loose. An annual inspection prevents inconsistent heating and a decrease in the energy efficiency of your home. It also improves your indoor air quality.

Schedule a Tune-up

By far the best thing you can do to get your heating equipment ready for cold weather is to schedule a preseason tune-up. We’ll do everything from the little things, like changing your furnace filter, to the big things, such as lubricating all moving parts and checking your heat exchanger.

Regular boiler or furnace maintenance is critical to keeping your Canonsburg home safe and warm. For more information, check out Valley Heating & Air Conditioning’s heating services or call (724) 222-1830.

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