Your McMurray, PA, home’s air conditioning system is complicated, with many electrical and mechanical parts. Each of those parts has to be in excellent condition in order for the system to safely, efficiently and effectively cool your home this summer. Consider these three ways our Comfort Club will keep you cool when the heat and humidity of summertime arrive.

Improve Air Flow and Humidity Control

The proper flow of cooled air through your home’s air ducts is critical to your comfort. During an AC tune-up, we clean and adjust all air handler components in order to optimize air flow. This means a more consistent indoor temperature. Cleaning the coils and fins of your air conditioning system improves the cooling functions by facilitating air exchange with the outdoors. We also clean the condensate line, which results in better humidity control.

Lower Cooling Costs

According to Energy Star, dirty air filters and coils increase your air conditioner’s energy consumption by at least 15 percent. Our AC maintenance includes replacing the air filter. The air filter should be replaced every 90 days, and our technicians can show you how to do this between tune-ups. Our Comfort Club members receive a 10 percent discount on new air filters.

Prevent Future Problems

Our technicians check every part of your air conditioning system and identify issues that could lead to future problems. This AC maintenance includes checking refrigerant levels, and adding more if needed. We also lubricate all moving parts, which reduces friction and extra wear and tear on the motor and fan. Our technicians also check electrical connections, sensors and the capacitor for signs of damage. By fixing these issues now, we prevent disruptions to your comfort and problems later in the summer. If your air conditioner does malfunction, our maintenance club members receive 24/7 emergency service.

To learn more about the importance of AC maintenance, check out Valley Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.’s Comfort Club, or call us for additional details.

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