Part of being a good business owner is evaluating your expenses and determining which are necessary and which can be eliminated or reduced. Preventive commercial HVAC maintenance is a minor budget item, but is it really essential? A closer look at the benefits makes the answer clear.

It Protects Your Employees’ Well-Being

If you own a business near Washington, Pennsylvania, you know that you can’t be successful without productive and dependable employees. What you may not know is that commercial HVAC maintenance plays a key role in keeping your employees happy and healthy. A well-maintained HVAC system can consistently keep temperatures within the comfort range, even if no one can agree on the ideal setpoint. It can also keep your employees healthier and lead to fewer sick days by promoting better indoor air quality.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Guards Against Breakdowns

It takes a lot to properly condition a commercial space. With a variety of complex systems all operating under significant daily stress, it’s no surprise that breakdowns are common. However, many of the failures that can sideline your HVAC system are avoidable with proper care. During a commercial maintenance visit, our qualified technicians fully inspect your system and test all of its key components. We also perform a variety of maintenance tasks designed to alleviate stress and counter the effects of daily wear and tear.

It Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Heating, cooling and ventilation account for around 44% of the total energy consumption in a typical commercial building. If your HVAC system is poorly maintained, that percentage can rise even higher. That’s a tremendous amount of energy that represents a significant share of your overall operating expenses. Quality maintenance services can identify and eliminate waste, boost your system’s energy efficiency and help you reduce your monthly utility costs.

Regular commercial HVAC maintenance is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business. You’ll enjoy improved comfort, boosted productivity and major improvements in reliability and energy efficiency. To get started, explore Valley Heating & Air Conditioning’s commercial HVAC services or reach our knowledgeable staff at 724-204-8294.

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