If you live in Bethel Park, PA, you know how important the furnace becomes in the fall and winter. Assuming that you have a reasonable set point, an energy-efficient furnace can heat your home in a couple of cycles of 10 to 15 minutes every hour. On the other hand, a furnace that never shuts off has a problem; here are a few possibilities.

Clog in the Vent

When was the last time you replaced the air filter in your HVAC and the return vents? With all the dirt and debris it collects, a typical pleated filter will negatively affect airflow after 90 days. Diminished airflow means less heat going to your rooms, so the heater will run longer than usual to do its job.

Failing Blower Motor

Your furnace may take a long time to heat because it isn’t supplying heat at the same previous rate. If you notice weakening air pressure, that may be because of a failing blower motor. Replacing the motor is a major job, but it’s one that homeowners can usually prevent with annual maintenance.

Leak in the Ducts

It could be that your furnace is running fine, but the air ducts are letting much of your heat escape through cracks and holes. In that case, it will take longer for your home to get heated.

Undersized Furnace

The worst-case scenario is if your heating system is too small for your home. You wouldn’t be able to repair this; you would need a brand-new furnace instead, one whose heating capacity suits the size of your home.

Valley Heating & Air Conditioning can perform just the right furnace repair so that you enjoy efficient heating once again in Bethel Park, so give us a call today for a convenient appointment. We can send out a NATE-certified technician familiar with every brand and model of furnace. We also maintain 24/7 emergency availability.

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