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Energy Efficiency – Get Green Savings

Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. recognizes that our environment matters, so we offer a variety of ideas to save energy and resources while you cut heating and cooling costs in your home. It’s a great way to be good to the environment and your wallet. We recommend Energy Star products. View Energy Star’s “Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling” (PDF).

High-Efficiency Heating

  • 10-year-old furnaces are likely to be only 70 to 80% efficient.
  • That means 20 to 30 cents of every energy dollar is being wasted.
  • Today’s furnaces are 95% efficient.
  • Call us today to find out how you can save hundreds of dollars annually with a high-efficiency furnace.

Regular Cleanings and Safety Inspections

  • A typical home air conditioning system that’s low on refrigerant by 1/2 pound will lose 25% in efficiency and increase its electricity use.
  • Leaks in AC systems allow greenhouse gases to escape into the air and reduce your system’s efficiency.
  • Our Valley Comfort Club Maintenance Plan offers annual cleanings, precision tune-ups, and safety inspections to help your home become as energy efficient and safe as possible
  • You’ll save money on service calls and parts while ensuring optimal efficiency from all of your heating and cooling systems.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • New, tankless water heating systems heat water on demand instead of continually heating as with a traditional tank system.
  • You’ll enjoy more significant energy efficiency (save up to 40% on energy costs) and reduce your home’s energy footprint.
  • Tankless units last two to three times longer than traditional water heaters, creating less metal and glass that must be recycled or placed in a landfill.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • These water heaters meet the qualifications for Energy Star Listings.
  • They have a 50-gallon capacity.
  • They have more than twice the energy efficiency of standard electric storage water heaters.

Variable Speed Blowers

  • New variable-speed blowers use one-sixth the energy of older blowers when connected to your forced-air system.
  • If you run the fan all year for circulation, you could save up to $230 in electricity costs – and cut consumption – on blower operation alone.

Programmable Thermostats

  • You’ll benefit from energy savings combined with improved comfort and convenience.
  • Stop wasting energy and dollars when you are away from home or during sleeping hours.
  • With proper use, typical savings on heating/cooling costs average 10% per year.†
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional thermostats, because they contain no mercury and are eco-friendly

† U.S. Department of Energy calculations

NEST Thermostat

Nest thermostat

The NEST thermostat makes managing the temperature in your home easy and accessible. With the new innovate technology – you can download the Nest app so your thermostat lives on your wall and in your pocket. Once you connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, you can control it from anywhere. Adjust the temperature from the app, and the Nest Thermostat adjusts quickly back at home.
NEST has features that go above and beyond a traditional thermostat. It shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History and every month in your Home Report. Call us today to learn how you can upgrade your thermostat and keep your family comfortable year round!

Advanced Technology and Efficiency for Commercial Use

You can get 30% energy efficiency savings in offices up to 20,000 feet with new HVAC systems. Call us about the latest technology for your particular needs.

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