Water Heater Replacement in South Hills, PA 15216

“Our 75 gallon water heater was nearing the end of its life span. It was still working, but we began the process of looking for a new one. We were not in a major hurry, but it was something we needed to get done. I called Rhonda at Valley at 8:12 am to inquire as to a new one. At 8:40 am, two technicians were at the house to see what our requirements were, space available, etc. I was given a quote. I agreed, and at 10:35 am the technicians were back with a new water heater, and began the installation process. At 12:30 pm, they were finished and gone! We are not used to people working so fast! John and Jacob were great to work with, and as far as we can tell (with limited knowledge of water heater installation procedures), they did an outstanding job. Will use this company every time! Thanks to Rhonda, John, and Jacob!”

– Joseph C.